Apple And The Feud Of The Feds

Now, We don’t bullshit on this blog. Bullshitting isn’t very nice so we don’t take part. We don’t side with any one company either, they’re all equally terrible in their own special way 🙂

That being said, The whole shit storm with Apple and the encryption dilemma is probably the saddest stick it to the man I’ve seen yet. Lets face it, it is the fucking United States Government. You can’t win! Look back on the Lavabit clusterfuck of epic preportions and we will see that it is literally impossible to prove the government wrong on nearly any level.

Now, there are ways that they will come to a term where in which the United States Government will get access to what they want but in a different manner than what we are expecting. Because, as berating as it may sound, the laws protecting Apple and their data withholding ways were passed long ago when the internet was a baby and the United States Government didn’t care too much about it to consider these things.


As of the time of this post, the phone firmware only allows password entry via the screen (not over a cable or wireless connection). It imposes a delay between unlock attempts. And if configured to do so, it will wipe the phone after 10 wrong attempts at the password.

BUT, as of right now it is completely possible to load new firmware without unlocking the phone. Apple could, in theory, write up a version of iOS that ignores the 10 wrong attempt thing and allows unlimited unlock attempts via a data cable with no delay. That would allow investigators to unlock the phone quickly by brute-forcing the password (trying all possible passwords until they find the right one).

However, Apple is working on modifying the iPhone so it will not allow firmware loading while the phone is locked. That would mean even if they do write a version of iOS that makes brute-forcing the password easy, an investigator would be unable to load it on a future locked iPhone so it becomes useless. But then we’re back to the good ole’ Government as I’m not exactly an expert at law but wouldn’t that be obstruction of justice?

Either way, we’ll see how this goes. Let me know in the comments if you think I’m a fucktard for my rants.

Loading drivers onto an ISO for old-ass Virtual Machines.

Everybody loves pirating shit? Amiright? Further, its a fucking pain in the tit when you lets say fire up a VM and it doesn’t have proper drivers because its old as fuck. As a life lesson I’m going to teach you how to load your shit onto an ISO file.

mkisofs -V LABEL -r DIRECTORY | gzip > cdrom.iso.gz

Thats it. What else did you expect?

How to protect your nginx server against hotlinkers

Don’t you fuckin’ hate it when other websites steal content from yours? Me too! So I made this handy dandy nginx location tweak to save me the pain of handing my host yet another payment for bandwidth overages.

#Fuck hotlinkers
location ~ .(wmv|mp4|jpe?g)$ {
 valid_referers none blocked;
 if ($invalid_referer) {
 return 403;

Put this shit in your config and watch the 403’s come in. *evil cackle intensifies*